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Injection Molding Prototypes Maker

Plastic injection material pellets
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Prototype Rapid Tooling Maker

We are professional plastic injection molding tooling factory, found in 2008 years, Offer Plastic injection mold and plastic part moulding. ISO9001 Certificated.

Specializing in plastic mold design and development, precision plastic tooling manufacturing, plastic mold injection moulding as one of the private technology enterprises.
CAD/CAM/CAE software is used for injection mold design, manufacturing as well as analysis, which provides data support for the standardization of mold making. We have also equipped with the newest precision device to ensure the quality of our products.


What we do

Various Plastic Injection Mold, such as rapid tooling, Mass Production tooling and Export Mold.

We use very simple type cooperation, work close with outer Experienced mold design team, save cost for our customer, we make the component and mold assemble in-house factory. can save mold building cost. offer more competitive price mold and part to our customer.

Plastic translucent part

Main Factor Affect Mold Price

Many customers are always asking how to find the cheapest plastic injection molding supplier or factory. With the competition in the market, there is no cheapest in the market, only cheaper and cheaper, here are a few aspects of the main factors affecting the price of the mold, only the most suitable and best match is the best, such as the existing supplier price in general, cooperation is better, mold accuracy is higher, the shipment is also more timely, such is the most suitable for your supplier. do you agree?

Standard Mold or Custom Molding

Standard mold is to use the most commonly used size of mold base or mold core in the mold factory, so that the mold factory does not need additional processing, in the mold factory processing this part, also can be completed quickly, no heat treatment, not very hardening tooling, so that can quickly achieve mold production, general mold life can reach 50,000 shots.
Customized mold, means the mold base and core materials have specified size and hardness, as well as the number of cooling channels, mold accessories and components, etc.; such a mold production is larger, mold life can exceed one million shots, mold strength, hardness are very good, such a mold process is complex, processing methods are also more, mold price is also higher

Mold design

Mold design, different companies, mold design costs also difference, higher cost with bigger molding company. the way we take now is to cooperate with familiar mold design companies, each set of molds depending on the difficulty, design costs vary, the advantage of this is that we do not have to keep a large number of mold designers in the company, leaving only experienced mold designers to do design reviews.

The goal is to reduce the mold cost and provide customers with high quality products and reasonable mold price.

Molding Material and Accessories

Mold base and core material, mold accessories, etc. also account for part of the mold cost, for example, mold base we generally use LK standard mold base, mold core material according to customer requirements, some customers want NAK80, some customers want S136 hardened,this based on customer’s requirements, and then there are mold accessories, such as water nozzle, counters, hot runner nozzle, etc., some Brand accessories are more expensive.

Machining Process

In the mold cost, the mold processing cost accounts for a large part, because this process contains a large number of machining processes, such as CNC machining, sparkle machine processing, wire cutting, LS-WEDM, polishing, Fit Mold and mold trial, etc. each process need spend some money on it, And it takes a lot of processing time and inspection time.

Mould Trial fee

When the new mold is assembled, we have to put the mold on a suitable injection molding machine to test the mold action, injection process, and product accuracy to confirm that all aspects of the mold meet customer requirements.

Such a process usually lasts for 3 to 5 times, and the cost of each mold trial varies depending on the tonnage of the injection molding machine.

Profit and Management

The last is Export of the mold, the company’s general mold profits, the general situation of the total price of the mold accounted for about 15%, the mold industry is not profitable, generally are high input, the rate of return is relatively low.


Project Gallery

Produced Various Plastic parts with different plastic material, we can handle rapid mold and export mold, also mass production mold.

Plastic injection components
Plastic parts for E-car

Working out in this Moldsat has been one of the best decisions I have ever made for my plastic project. Really love the positive vibes and friendly atmosphere. Will definitely recommend!



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