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China Custom Plastic Injection Molding Tooling Company

China Plastic injection molding tooling company

We are a Plastic Injection molding and Tooling Company

We are professional plastic injection molding and tooling factory, found in 2008 years, Offer Plastic injection mold and plastic parts moulding. ISO9001 Certificated.

Specializing in plastic mold design and development, precision plastic tooling manufacturing, plastic mold injection moulding as one of the private technology enterprises.
CAD/CAM/CAE software is used for injection mold design, manufacturing as well as analysis, which provides data support for the standardization of mold making. We have also equipped with the newest precision device to ensure the quality of our products.


What we do

Design and Manufacturing plastic injection mold and plastic parts. Low volume plastic parts with affordable price.

Custom Injection Molding

We make various custom precision plastic injection molding and export mold to our customer. lifetime over 1000K shots.

Prototype Injection Moulding

We offer 3D prototype printing service. mainly SLA and Metal 3d printing, plus our prototype injection molding, can provide fast delivery quality plastic parts to you. prototype molding great for low volume parts. also great solution to reduce risk before Multi-cavity mold building

Plastic Injection Molds

As a plastic molded parts manufacturer in china, the leading time for mold building and send samples to you will be 1~5weeks.

Design and Engineering

With our Plastic understanding experience. we offer 2D&3D drawing service from your sketches and drafts

Plastic Injection molding factory Services, Capability,Additive

Plastic and Metal CNC Machining Service
Plastic and Metal CNC Machining Service

We can supply plastic prototype parts manufacturing and services.with 3D printer and CNC machining,milling and lathing, can fast and cheap build the prototype with affordable cost for design validation.

Plastic Injection Moulding manufacturer
Plastic Injection Moulding manufacturer

With over ten years of experience in mold making, we can design, process, and manufacture a wide variety of custom mass production molds with great quality, such as hot runner molds, 2k mold, insert mold, overmold tooling and stuck mold, and small batch prototype molds and dies.

Mass production mold and Export mold Maker
Mass production mold and Export mold Maker

We have supplied precision molds and plastic parts for automotive molds, connectors, medical and consumer products tooling to many well-known companies around the world. export mold and mass production mold experts.

Rapid Mold and Prototype Mold
Rapid Mold and Prototype Mold

Equipped with 80 to 850 tons single-color injection molding machines, as well as two-color injection molding machines, together with our professional supply chain, including injection molding, oil spraying, ultrasonic, plating, and assembly, our customers’ needs are our direction of endeavor.

Urethane Casting
Urethane Casting

In order to save cost and verify the feasibility of product design, we can provide Urethane Casting, which can realize precision and rapid manufacturing of small-lot products, so that customers can save cost and devote more energy to market development.

Plastic pellets
Plastic pellets

We work with many major primary distributors of plastic materials to provide qualified products to our customers to meet the physical and chemical performance tests.

Plastic Parts Design Guide
Plastic Parts Design Guide

To ensure the success of our molds, we are able to evaluate the mold action, mold strength, molding time, molding pressure, and degree of variation through a computer-controlled program and submit visual reports for continuous improvement and optimization so that our molds can reduce unnecessary changes and mold trials.

Color Selection
Color Selection

Working closely with local color factories, we can mix and match colors according to your color palette to make your products more colorful.

Plastic Parts Post Process
Plastic Parts Post Process

We provide not only molds, but more value-added, one-stop service to minimize the burden of customers, spraying, screen printing, plating, laser engraving and assembly.

Plastic Injection Molding workshop


Part and Mold design

Various Injection Mold design, save your cost and make quality parts.


Precision Mold Assemble

Experienced tooling technician make the mold precision and function


Dimension Inspection

Our Injection Mold components and parts will run QC inspection

Our Value

Injection Mold service & More

Plastic Injection Mold services

Production Mold

Prototype/ Rapid Mold

Export Mold

Insert Mold


2k Shot mold

Plastic Materials









Glass-filled Nylon

Thermoplastics Rubber


Low-Density Polyethylene

Fiber-Reinforced Plastic

High-Impact Polystyrene

Acetal/Polyoxymethylene (POM)

Many Others


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